Est. 2012

Community Action Bus

The Community Action Bus is a not-for-profit group that is committed to increasing accessibility to community events, protests and direct actions while reducing the negative social, environmental and economic impacts of automobile transportation.

Our Purposes Are To:

Mobilize our community

by providing transportation services for events, protests, and direct actions.

Be a vehicle for change

by reducing the negative social, environmental, and economic impacts of vehicle transportation.

Create access to affordable transportation

for our community and those who don't have access to transportation.

Want to Get Involved with the Community Action Bus?

Our volunteers are

Co-Pilots: Join us on our Action Bus trips and adventures, help with navigation in finding our destination, and make sure our Action Bus riders are feeling comfortable.

Work Party Workers: Help us to clean, scrub, and fix up the bus at our regular work party events.

Drivers: Learn to drive the bus and get your Class 2 license. We can cover the costs of trainings in exchange for your volunteer driving hours.

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Kind thinking creates profoundness.

Kind giving creates love.