Community Action Bus

We operate an Action Bus and other vehicles to help mobilize our community and increase access to transportation services.

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About Community Action Bus

The Community Action Bus (CAB) is a not-for-profit bus service that has been operating in Victoria since 2012. Originally purchased to go up to Unis’to’ten Action Camp, we are a community owned and operated with the explicit purpose of fighting injustice and supporting the organizational capacity of our community. In the past, we have been very involved in social and environmental campaigns and intend to continue this legacy moving forward.

We currently own and operate one Action Bus that is commercially licensed and seats up to 54 people. Our bus is run on biodiesel refined by the Vancouver Island Biodiesel Coop. We are a grassroots, volunteer-driven initiative committed to building community from the ground up.

The Community Action Bus has been all around this region and has provided transportation for political demonstrations, fundraisers, dinners, potlucks, birthdays, direct actions, and community celebrations.

Mission Statement

The Community Action Bus is a not-for-profit group that is committed to increasing accessibility to community events, protests and direct actions while reducing the
negative social, environmental and economic impacts of automobile transportation.

Our Purpose


To Mobilize our Community

by providing transportation services to events, protests, and direct actions.


To Support a Sustainable Future

by reducing the negative social, environmental, and economic impacts of vehicle transportation.


Push the Boundaries of Creative Expression

in the fight for social and environmental justice and resistance to imperialism.

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