We are a community that is creating a process to share resources, skills, and space for the purpose of growing a radical social and environmental justice movement, here at home.

Active Members

4 hours


Commit to regularly volunteering with any of our Affiliate Organizations

Donor Members



Donate monthly to the Solidarity Fund




Participate in a mutual-aid network of grassroots organizers

Become a Member of Island Solidarity

By actively participating in any one of our Affiliate Organizations, we consider you to be eligible to be a member part of our community. Our requirements before considering you as a member of Island Solidarity are:

  • Submit a Membership Application form (Find it online)
  • Participate in an Island Solidarity Cooperative Orientation, check out our calendar.
  • Be willing to volunteer with Island Solidarity and / or our affiliate organizations (minimum of 2 hrs / mo)
  • Purchase at least a $1 share in the Cooperative.

To maintain your membership, we ask that you regularly report back on your activity and volunteer time in any of our Affiliate Organizations. This helps us to:

  • Understand how much time it takes to successfully pull off a campaign, direct action, or project.
  • Better support, train, and engage all of our volunteers.
  • Sustain a structure in which our community shapes the direction of our organizations.

Note: Each of our Affiliate Organizations will have their own criteria for being a member of their organizations, so please understand the requirements of each of the groups.