Retail Action Network

We are a group of retail and restaurant workers organizing for workplace justice.

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About Retail Action Network

After years of being exploited by bosses, a group of retail and hospitality workers got together to organize non-union workers locally. We joined up with the Employment Standards Legal Advocacy Project, Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition, UFCW Local 1518 and other unions to start campaigning on issues that faced workers in our industry, and to fight for changes from the grassroots.

We’ve learned from the traditions of socialist and anarchist worker rights organizers that have come before us, and have been pushing the limits on the newest styles and tactics of worker rights organizing today.

Mission Statement

The Retail Action Network is a member-based direct action group fighting for workplace justice and improved working conditions through collective, grassroots organizing. We are led by retail and hospitality workers and strive to improve the conditions in our industry.

Our Purpose


Build a Community

of support that will fight for improved wages, working conditions, and equality in the retail sector.


Win Victories

through direct actions with workers who face injustice and wage theft from their employers.


Raise the Standards

in the retail sector and hold companies accountable to implementing them.

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