We host parties, fundraisers, and special events to raise awareness or funds for social justice causes.

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About Social Coast

We aim to contribute to the growth and health of this community by inspiring homegrown people (and those newly established) to engage in activities that contribute to the overall welfare of the communities we live in. We believe that responsible and thoughtful engagement in our actions is the best way to cause positive, long-lasting, change in the place that we inhabit everyday.

By encouraging a welcoming, informed, and even fun atmosphere leading up to and during our events, we hope to demystify the elements of activism that tend to discourage those who would otherwise happily join us in the enterprise of hope and optimism. With this in mind, our other constant aim is to drive forward with utter sincerity, determination, and enthusiasm.

SocialCoast began on June 21st, 2011, and has played an important role in countless events, rallies, and campaigns ever since. In 2018 we narrowed our focus to concentrate our efforts towards event production as a way to raise funds and awareness for local issues that are important to us.

Mission Statement

SocialCoast aims to provide capacity, experience, and resources for event production while raising awareness and funds for radical cause and social and environmental justice. We work to produce high quality events that engage our guests in the performances and issues that we are highlighting.

Our Purpose


Raise Funds and Awareness

for radical causes through the events that we produce and co-host.


Engage a Variety of Communities and Cultures

through the events that we produce and co-host.


Produce High Quality Events

that are successfully planned and executed, and raise the standard for local event production.

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